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Forget Me Not

About Me

“Hi. My name is Leanne, I am the creator of Forgetmenot.


I am married with a beautiful grown-up daughter that flew the nest early last year,

when I found myself, as many parents do, questioning both my future and (more

importantly) whether or not it was too soon to turn my new spare bedroom into an



Having been employed as the Financial Director at a local Engineering Company

for the past twenty years, I was ready for a change, fully supported by my amazing husband we decided between us it was now or never!


You see I am more than aware of the value of time itself and how quickly it passes us by,  having cared for both my Father and Step-Father before their passing I spent many hours simply listening and digesting their knowledge and advice. They each talked about the different places in the world that they had visited throughout their lives and made me realise, without a doubt, that I too want to visit new places and continue to build precious memories of my own.


Being my own boss will grant me the freedom to be able to do just that, whilst my new business venture will award me the opportunity to fulfil my need to help others.


I realise that if the harder years of caring and worrying for my Dad’s hadn’t happened then my dreams and visions of Forgetmenot would never have developed.


It is in their loving memory that I am here today offering my services to you.


Malcolm Robinson 03.06.1939 to 03.08.2010

Alan James Moore 09.12.1941 to 05.05.2015 


Both forever in my thoughts x




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