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Forget Me Not

Eulogy Writing Support Service

For every life, there is a story that needs to be told. My job is to work alongside you to help organise your thoughts, take your words and phrase your memories in such a way that you will be proud to present the story of the one you loved and have lost.

Following on from our initial chats and correspondence, I will come to your home or another place of your choosing, and together we will create your dedication; we will take your little ditties, remember the fun times and, along with the details you know about the life of your loved one, I will help weave them together into a Eulogy that will touch the hearts of all who are present for the reading.

Once the eulogy is complete I will take your finalised words and present them for you on my bespoke Forgetmenot Stationery.

I know how it feels trying to write a Eulogy whilst you are grieving and I understand that the pressure to get it right can be immense, please don't worry, I can help, we will do this together!

This is a personal face to face service created to give support and therefore I can only offer home visits to to those of you living in the East Hull Villages. 

My price for this service starts at £50, depending upon your location there may be a small fuel charge.

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