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Forget Me Not

Final Farewell Letter Writing Service

Running alongside my professional Eulogy Writing Service I am privileged to offer a means,
for those nearing their end of life, an opportunity to bid farewell to loved ones.

I will work alongside you and together we will ensure that you are able to encapsulate, in words that will last forever, everything that you want to say but can never quite find the right time or the right way to say it out loud.

We will make sure your thoughts take the correct form, injecting humour and the odd
sarcastic remark if you would like things to be light-hearted whilst remaining compassionate
and meaningful; these words will represent you and your personality.

Let’s remember the good times together, the most precious moments you have experienced
throughout your life and leave a reminder that your loved ones can treasure forever.

I am happy to release my completed work immediately back to you, or, with a little forethought and care I will keep your secret safe with me to release at a later date, maybe you would like your loved ones to receive your words after your passing!

Please feel free to browse my price lists and whatever you decide, whichever option you feel
works for you, give me a call, between us we will make sure you have the opportunity for a Final Farewell!

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