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Well I never expected that!

To say I am overwhelmed is an absolute understatement!

Never in a million years did I expect the level of support that I have received so far - I have literally been left speechless by the good wishes and positive feedback that has been offered freely to me.

I started my final day in the office full of nerves and mixed emotions, on one hand, I was heartbroken to be leaving my friends behind, the colleagues that I had worked for and alongside for twenty years, whereas, on the other hand, I felt excited, proud of myself for taking this giant step, the step that for years previously had only ever been a dream.

I spent a long time thinking about Forgetmenot without ever repeating my ideas out loud and in all honesty, in those early days, it never occurred to me that my daydreaming would come together in the shape of a new business! At first, I expected that my thoughts would be too 'doom and gloom' and that everybody would tell me what a terrible idea it was, I didn't for the life of me expect that my family would instantly jump on board with both feet or that I would end up here today!

Humph! It just shows you! In a way, I wish that this was a video because I have the biggest daftest smile across my face right now!

The good wishes posted on Facebook took my breath away, it was all so very unexpected and so very much appreciated, I spent days reading and then re-reading my page in complete awe. I received private messages from local businesses offering to advertise Forgetmenot and offer my services alongside their own, businesses that I am proud to be associated with and business women that I admire.

People have been stopping me in the street and shops, each of them full of ideas, suggesting things I hadn't considered or thought of myself, places I should advertise and support groups I should visit. The generosity shown to me is wonderful and has made me even more determined to make a success of my new venture. It seems as though everybody shares my vision and I am genuinely blown away.

I am also pleased to say that I now have a full suite of stationery and so at last (after what feels like an eternity!) I am able to drop my Flyers and Business Cards as requested. I feel a buzz that I haven't felt for a long time and feel that I am growing confidence in knowing that I will make a difference.

I don't have to leave for the office anymore but I want to make sure that each day is productive, after all, Forgetmenot is about all about life and I want to make darned sure that I make the most of mine!

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