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Forget Me Not

Eulogy Gift Sets

Send a copy of your loved one's eulogy to friends and family on my bespoke stationery, they are guaranteed to cherish your gift as a keepsake forever, words and memories preserved for the generations to come on my luxury Forgetmenot stationery.


I can prepare and present each dedication beautifully on your behalf ready to send in bulk to your personal delivery address or individually, directly to your loved ones.

Each completed Eulogy Keepsake will contain:

- 1 x Envelope [C5, 100gsm]

- 3 x sheets of Forgetmenot A4 paper [120gsm] pre-printed with the words from your final dedication

- 1 x Luxury ‘Sent With Love’ postcard [A6, 810gsm] 

- 1 length Navy Blue Ribbon [127cm]

Pre-crafted, fully complete Eulogy Keepsakes are £15 each reducing to £12 for orders of 5 or more. With the Keepsake sets supplied completed I can add a printed miniature envelope containing approximately 100 Forget Me Not seeds for an additional £2 per set - please refer to my Funeral Favours page and take a look at the envelope and contents.

I am aware how massively expensive Funerals can be and so I do also supply a DIY gift set option: The stationery and materials required by you will be supplied in kit form enabling you to complete your dedication personally to gift to your loved ones. Kits are £10.50 per set.

The luxury paper and envelope are suitable for either hand writing or printing onto whereas the luxury postcard is created especially for handwritten notes.



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