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Why Final Farewell Letters?

The answer is simple because I know and I understand how important memories and keep-sakes become after a loved one has passed away.

The phone that I use for Forget Me Not is my Step-dad Alans’ old mobile, I LOVE reading through the text messages that he sent to me, some of them simply say ‘I need milk love’ or ‘pick me a paper up on your way’ whereas others, the ones I read the most, they tell me how grateful he is for my help and that he loves me…those messages are my treasures.

I have thought to myself many times over the years since I lost him, what if I had an actual letter. Wow! I could actually fill up now just thinking about how valuable that piece of paper would be to me, to be able to read his words and his thoughts and to hear what he wanted to tell me…I have photos and keep-sakes but aside from my little text messages, I don’t have his words anymore. Instead, it is left to my imagination to dream up, if given the opportunity, what Alan would have written.

Alan was a ‘bloke’ and the reality is that he would have struggled to try to find the right words, he would have definitely appreciated, benefited (and needed!) guidance and help to turn his jumbled thoughts and emotions into some sort of order that could be written down to form a letter.

Letters don’t have to be sad though, in my mind Alans' letter wouldn’t have been, he was a so-and-so sometimes and I think his letter would have reflected that! For you too, we could inject humour and keep your words meaningful whilst light-hearted, we can make your recipient smile and bring a little sunshine into their day whilst ensuring they know exactly what they mean to you.

These letters can take so many different forms and can be written in many different ways and for so many different reasons;

I believe that my letters would make a fabulous accompaniment to your Last Will and Testament. Here you would have an opportunity to let your beneficiaries know why you have chosen to bequeath a gift to them. Maybe you would like the gift to be passed through the

generations to come, again we can preserve your wishes together. Your letter will be returned to you to keep safe alongside your Will to be available when needed.

Or, if like Alan you think you would struggle then I will sit with you and help you, we will work together until you are happy with your words. I can either return the letter to you for you to pass onto your chosen recipient or you can choose a confidant with whom we will share a password. After your passing, your confidant will need to contact me, repeat your password and your letter will be posted out to your loved one with a little cover note from myself explaining how, when and where the letter came about.

How about a simple ‘Thank you’ letter…we all get bogged down with life sometimes, so much so that we sometimes forget to tell our loved ones how grateful we are for their help and support. A letter through the post would not only be a wonderful surprise but would eventually become a keepsake and a treasure in itself.

My other idea (which I have to say I absolutely love!) is for you and me to draft a letter which can be read out at your funeral. I know that it isn’t something that we necessarily like to think about but imagine how precious this would be if it was completely unexpected. Again, all we would need to do is nominate a close friend or confidant to contact me on your passing and your letter could be released as instructed. I think it would be a fabulous addition and surprise at any funeral…let's face it, nobody could answer you back!

All of my letters, whatever form they take, will be presented on luxury Forget Me Not paper accompanied with a matching envelope; I can guarantee they will be treasured forever just as we intend.

I realise that if you are poorly or receiving treatment then travelling to me isn’t necessarily a viable option, I am happy to come to your home or meet you somewhere that we can work together. If I am travelling too far then we might have to chat about petrol but I will do my very best to make this affordable for you.

At the end of the day, I want to make this happen, I want to help.

If you want to chat with me about my letter writing service then please feel free to give me a call on 07925 311123 or drop an email to I will be more than happy to talk through your ideas with you.

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